Private Tuition Class

At Wandsworth School of Gymnastics, we provide a private tuition service to children and adults of all ages. Our private tuition focus on your child’s needs and we customise the session to develop technique. 

Prices1 Student £80 for 1 hour, 2 Students £60 each for 1 hour, 1 Student £50 for half hour
Prices£80 for 1 sessions, 5 sessions £350, 10 sessions £600

The right balance between quality and intensity

Private lessons and semi private lessons are a great way to help students gain skills at a faster pace. For some students private lessons may be more beneficial than being enrolled into group gymnastics. Reasons may include specialised needs, or simply wanting to improve on special skills.

With individual attention, the coach can focus on your child’s needs and the progressions necessary for improvement. This usually results in a student being able to learn at a faster pace.

We offer private lessons in both gymnastics, flexibility, fitness and other specific sporting needs. All private lessons are given by an experienced and qualified gymnastics teacher, where they meet your needs in recreational levels, elite gymnastics and meeting personal sporting needs.

Competitive gymnasts can especially benefit from private lessons if there are certain skills that they need improvement on.

Private lessons are especially useful for dancers or gymnast who desire to learn acrobatics and further improve their dance skills.

Coaches teach by encouragement so that you are assured that lessons will be enjoyable as well as productive in terms of accomplishment.

Private sessions can benefit kids who want to improve their strength and coordination so that they can excel in other sports.

The teacher can also work with children or adults who are overweight and would like an enjoyable way to improve their health and appearance. This is done with an exercise program that is designed to meet the needs of each individual child.

Private lessons are 60 minutes, but can be 30 minutes. Prices vary depending upon the number of private lessons that a student schedules.